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BMAF Masters National Road Relays - Report by Richard Gray (Manager)

Hello BRAT mates,


Rotten weather + determination + great running = a medal (not mathematically proven). A bronze individual for Dan Robinson, only our second ever individual medal. Brilliant race Dan, fastest ever time for BRAT.


Alas, a team medal yet again eluded us, despite running in third place for over half the race; our closest and best result. BRAT M35 were second quickest Midland team, 5th overall.  BRAT M35 B team were second quickest B team, 22nd overall. BRAT M45 finished 33rd overall.


The Met Office were true to their word, where for the second half of the race the road became more like a lake. Perhaps the swimming element may play into Chris Ashford’s hands I pondered, but that was just a delusional team manager.


Dan Robinson set off, and their close group of three dominated the first leg pushing each other to a great time, with Martin Williams of Tipton opening a slender 5 second gap at the changeover. Jon Jennings had the responsibility of following Dan’s example and keep us in the mix, where although Tipton and Salford opened the gap, Jon held onto the precious 3rd place from a hard charging Kent. Mark Ince was there to show we were not a front loaded team, racing a great leg and narrowly missing out on a top ten individual time and a course pb, but we had clawed back Salford and kept Kent behind. Mark Woodus revealed to me he was recovering from broken bones in his foot, but announced it was not a problem! My worry was unfounded, delivering a sound time under my target, but Kent came past us and Sunderland closed the gap. Chris Ashford had the task of keeping us in touch to give racer Martin Matthews every possible chance. Another sound performance maintained a sizeable gap behind us, but the top four were strong, pulling away. Martin ran 4th quickest of leg six, having a close battle with Sunderland and stretching away from the pack with a massive 2 minute cushion. Ahead of us Kent smashed it with the second fastest leg overall, overtaking very late on what had appeared to be a dominant Tipton, who had lead from the start.


And so 5th it was to be, equalling our 2016 highest position, and setting our quickest time. Well done team, a great effort and result.


Thanos Tsolakis set off behind Dan for our depleted B team, in fact at one point we had three M35 teams entered. Really good run on what can be a demoralising fast 1st leg. He handed onto new very boy, keen Damian Cartland (nephew to the ex-Rowheath Stalwart Colin "what do you mean I’m a bit fiery" Cartland. Damian gained one place into 26th. Nick Lewis flew round and I wondered whether team selection may be questioned, gaining another place into 25th. Handing onto Martin Cleaver, a bit rusty since his great 12 stage leg, however, he still gained another place. This was becoming a trend, but I (Richard Gray) took over and was well off my intended pace, although closing down two ahead we remained in 24th. Finally Toby Close back after injury embarked on what might be a lonely leg. He overtook two on his travels to finally finish in 22nd overall and a surprising 2nd place B team behind Salford. Well done all.


Andy Piddington led off our M45 team with a very sound leg and 32nd place; handing onto Jort van Mourik, yet another chasing fitness after injury and pleased with his improvement. We had dropped two places, but Rob Ryan promptly snatched one back, and finally Ming Nham losing out to Rob by one solitary second, had gained another place to finish back were we started in 32nd. Nothing like a bit of consistency, well done team.



1. Kent Ac M35 1:34:38 15:47

2. Tipton Harriers M35 ‘A’ 1:34:52

3. Salford Harriers

4. Sunderland Harriers M35 ‘A’ 1:36:33


5. Birmingham R & T M35 ‘A’ 1:36:41 (Previous best 1.37.15, 5th)

1 Daniel Robinson (2) 15:18

2 Jonathan Jennings (3) 16:35

3 Mark Ince (3) 15:40

4 Mark Woodus (4) 16:33

5 C Ashford (5) 16:29

6 Martin Matthews (5) 16:06


22. Birmingham R & T M35 ‘B’ 1:48:51

1. A Tsolakis (27) 17:18

2. Damian Cartland (26) 18:15

3. Nick Lewis (25) 17:00

4. Martin Cleaver (24) 19:00

5. Richard Gray (24) 18:56

6. Toby Close (22) 18:22


Fastest of all legs: 1. Martin Williams TiptonH 35 A 15:11.    2. C Greenwood KentAc 15:15.    3 Daniel Robinson Brat M35 A 15:18



1. Thames Hare & Hounds M45 1:05:14


33. Birmingham R & T M45 1:18:19

1. Andy Piddington (32) 18:35

2. Jort Vanmourik (34) 19:21

3. Rob Ryan (33) 20:11

4. Ming Nham (32) 20:12


Fastest of all legs:  1. Terry Scott TyneBriM4 15:24


Full results at www.race-results.co.uk


Photos at: http://www.racephotos.org.uk/


See you late September for the 6 Stage, but lets all enjoy Summer first.


Richard Gray.

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