On 23 August 2013 In Cycling News

"The bike is OK" following Brian Tilley bike accident

"Bionic" Brian Tilley is recovering in hospital following a nasty bike accident on the Tuesday evening "BRAT Bash" this week.  There were no cars involved, and no other bikes came down either.  The probable trigger was a "touch of wheels" at speed, resulting in Brian falling onto the road, fracturing his left shoulder, several ribs and his pelvis.  He also suffered a punctured lung.  Although he has little memory of the accident, he specifically wanted to thank all of the BRATs who helped get him to hospital and on the road (as it were) to recovery, including Mark Hirsch ("he was magnificent"), Washy (who broke the news to Clare), Cocky, Chris and Speedy Dave.  Brian is also pleased to report that his bike appears to be relatively undamaged - although he now has matching scrape marks on both brake levers (the first sustained following his accident and broken hip a year ago).

The BRAT Bash is a regular training session during the lighter months consisting of a group ride over a fast standardised 26 mile loop from Wythall through Hockley Heath to Rowington and back through Knowle.  Despite this accident and its challenging nature, the BRAT Bash has one of the best group ride safety records - this is only the second major accident in 10 years.  Please refer to the updated BRAT Club group riding etiquette (attachment). Get well soon, Bionic - you will be back, stronger than ever.

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