Midlands 12/ 6 Stage Relays – Time to Enter

Midlands 12/ 6 Stage Relays – Time to Enter

Yes BRAT mates, Spring is on its way. No more sharp spikes to stick in you and no more mud.

If the club is your priority, then so is this. Let’s build on our XC performances and get our heart rates and speed up for this great event, that is the Road Relays.

All running speeds welcome, we just put you in the appropriate team.

Midland Road relay championship. Sutton Park Sat afternoon 23 March.

Men: 12 legs comprising 8 x 3.16 miles, and 4 x 5.38 miles.
Women: 6 legs comprising 4 x 3.16 miles, and 2 x 5.38 miles.

Please email an indication whether you are definite, probable or yes subject to injury by Thursday 28 February. This will allow the managers to estimate the number of teams and squad names to enter. We can enter 3 x number of team places to allow for injuries/ reserves.

If interested, please email the requested details to:
Men’s manager: Richard Gray – mensroad@bratclub.co.uk
Women’s manager: Eloise Lee/ Molly Browne – Use Heja if you’re already on it or ladiesroad@bratclub.co.uk

Any questions please ask.

Women start at 12:20
Men start at 12:00