Bike with BRAT

BRAT Club cycling - safety and etiquette

As with everything we do at BRAT, we’re keen to get everyone involved and create opportunities for members to develop their skills and competence.  Cycling is a fantastic part of our sport, and one of the most sociable.  It’s a great way to spend a Sunday morning and really helps build endurance that contributes to run strength too.  However, cycling in a group on the open road does come with an inherent amount of risk, and 3-4 hour bike sessions are challenging.  In order for us to minimise the risks, and to maximise everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we’ve put together this document:


In addition, if you have never cycled with us before, please email in advance of your ride, and one of our leaders will contact you to discuss the ride and your current level of ability/experience.  Note – you will not be allowed to ride if you have not contacted us in advance of your first session.

Sunday morning cycling

Age level: Over 18 only

Skill level: Intermediate

Start Time: 08:30

Location: MAC (Cannon Hill Park), B12 9QH

Approx 50 mile route from the MAC (Cannon Hill Park). 12 spaces available and grouped on ability. The slower ride will be 15 -16 mph, quicker 17 upwards depending on riders ability.

Tuesday night cycling

Age level: Over 18 only

Skill level: Advanced

Start Time: 18:30

Location: BooBoo Coffee, 27 Lordswood Road, B17 9RP

Riders must wear a helmet and bikes must be equipped with a rear light as minimum. This is a challenging effort session and has some decent hills (to practise climbing and descending at speed) which tend to break the group up. We target 5 of the most popular uphill Strava segments and re-group after each effort. The route is almost always the same (or one of two iterations). You must be a confident and experienced rider to attend this ride – please get in touch in advance if you are unsure if this is suitable for your current ability level.