Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all members, coaches, volunteers, parents of athletes, and anybody associated with BRAT Club activity.

Birmingham Running, Athletics & Triathlon Club (BRAT) is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of behaviour and conduct in all members and persons related to the club in all running, athletics and triathlon related training sessions, competitions, and activities.

The reason all of us are members of the BRAT Club is to enjoy all aspects of competition and physical activity that sports such as Triathlon, Running and Athletics can provide. Our coaches, leaders and volunteers all give up their time willingly to facilitate sessions and events throughout the year.  

Our BRAT Club Code of Conduct summarises the essence of good ethical conduct and practice within the sports associated with the club.  We expect all members and visiting athletes to abide by our code of conduct at all times.  This also applies to all volunteers, parents and any other visitors to the club.

Any discriminatory, offensive or violent behaviour is unacceptable and complaints will be acted upon in line with BRAT Club and national governing body guidelines where applicable.  Links to these are available on our welfare page.

Code of Conduct for all

Individuals have a responsibility to act with integrity in accordance with the standards set by the BRAT Club below.  Respect must be shown for all athletes, coaches, volunteers, including members and non-members at all times.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that you are the appropriate age to participate in adult training sessions. (These age restrictions are based on national governing body guidelines).

  • Members must be 14+ for adult running and pool based swimming sessions.

  • Members must be 16+ for cycling and open water swimming.

  • Equipping yourself with appropriate equipment, clothing and footwear for the session you are attending.

  • Prompt arrival to sessions, particularly where specific guidance will be set by a coach/session leader.

  • Ensuring you are of a suitable level of fitness to participate in the session being offered.  You must inform coaches/leaders of any medical conditions prior to taking part in any BRAT training sessions.  you must stop training and make your session leader/coach aware if you experience any difficulty during a session. *BRAT Club will make sessions available for all levels of fitness where possible, but this may not be possible in certain sessions, specifically long distance road running, and cycling.  BRAT Club does run designated Beginner sessions in these disciplines.*

  • Making sure you have signed up to the session via Clubspark and included your medical information and emergency contact information on the system.

  • Listening attentively to any session briefing/safety announcement.

  • Adhering to the instructions of session leaders/coaches.

  • Paying session fees via Clubspark – this is mandatory for sessions on the track and at any of our swimming venues.

  • Joining the club after three taster sessions.

  • Remembering to renew membership in a timely fashion.

  • Remaining courteous when delays or session cancellations may be experienced.

  • Raising concerns to session leaders in an appropriate and timely manner so that issues can be addressed before any perceived escalation of an issue may occur.  *Where you feel issues need further attention, please contact the BRAT Welfare Officers on:

  • Ensuring any and all online communication via social media (Facebook, Strava, Instagram, Twitter etc) which references the BRAT Club serves to share the positive message of the club and does not seek to detract from the enjoyment of sessions by members, coaches, leaders and volunteers alike.  

  • Keeping training and competition areas clean, tidy and litter free, including respecting the facilities that we hire.

  • Taking the time to thank the coaches/leaders/volunteers for offering their time in helping you to train.

Additional Code of Conduct (for Junior members)

  • Treat the coaches, leaders and volunteers with utmost respect at all times.

  • Train and compete in a positive manner, adhering to all instructions without delay and abiding by the rules of the events/sessions at all times.

  • Follow all safety guidelines.

  • Make sure you remain appropriately hydrated.  High sugar/energy drinks are not allowed at BRAT training sessions. 

  • Respect the equipment that you are being allowed to use. 

  • Thank the coaches/leaders/volunteers for their time in helping you to train.

  • Thank your parents for their support in bringing you to the training sessions, and providing for your kit, membership and training fees.

  • Speak to coaches/leaders/volunteers or your parents if you are feeling unwell at any time during a training session, feel like you are being pushed too hard, or are no longer enjoying the session.  Remember, you can’t win every time – healthy competition is about doing your best.

  • Speak to an adult if you have any concerns you would like to raise about anything to do with BRAT training, or competition.  This could be in relation to yourself or about a friend.  If you don’t feel you can speak to anybody, and if you can access email, get in touch with the Welfare Officer –

Code of Conduct for Parents (additional)

  • Ensure you have bought the appropriate membership for your child/ren before they attend any BRAT training sessions or compete for BRAT.

  • Ensure you have bought the relevant session subscription for your child/ren before they attend any BRAT training sessions or compete for BRAT.

  • Ensure you have provided all relevant health/medical information to the coaches/session leaders, and make sure this is updated when necessary.

  • Ensure you sign in your child/ren at every training session/competition via clubspark and that medical and emergency contact information remains up to date at all times. 

  • Ensure that your support at training session and competitions is appropriate, supportive and encouraging.  Ensure that you act as a role model for other parents by supporting all athletes where possible in open events e.g. Parkrun etc. 

  • Ensure that your child remains happy and comfortable with the amount and intensity of training they are being asked to do, especially in instances where children are training with multiple clubs and/or in multiple disciplines.  Ensure that your child has an appropriate amount of recovery time between activities to prevent injury and remain fit and healthy.  If you have any queries or concerns about your child’s performance level, or fitness/recovery level, please speak to their coach and/or email . 

  • Remain present at the training sessions while your child/ren are training where specified.  (You could even get involved or volunteer…!)

  • Ensure you support session leaders/coaches/volunteers by teaching your child the values of respect, healthy competition, and thankfulness at sessions, and making sure they adhere to this Code of Conduct.  Support leaders/volunteers/coaches in matters where low-level discipline needs to be administered – this may involve sanctions such as ‘time-out’ from the activity.

  • If you have any welfare/safeguarding concerns about a session, an adult, or a junior athlete, please email the Welfare Officer:  You can also contact UK Athletics’ Welfare Officer directly.  (This does not affect your right to contact your local social services or the Police directly if you feel that it is necessary)

We are proud of our reputation to be a friendly, welcoming club that encourages both performance and participation to ensure there is a place for everyone at BRAT.  We always welcome suggestions and feedback and these should be sent to the Club secretary: and/or