Club Records and Rankings


We aim to provide the most accurate list of performances achieved by our club members in athletics. This includes historical performances from the family of former clubs who amalgamated to become the club we are part of today.

A special thank you must go to Gordon Ainsley, who has been a major contributor. He has kept extensive annual rankings lists for the various clubs since 1987.

We also acknowledge there could be many other performances, particularly of members from our family of previous athletics clubs. If you have any amendments/additions or comments, please email your evidence/details to us at:



2024 Club Rankings (MEN) 2024 Club Rankings (WOMEN)
2023 Club Rankings (MEN) 2023 Club Rankings (WOMEN)
2024 Junior Club Champs (BOYS) 2024 Junior Club Champs (GIRLS)
2023 Junior Club Champs (BOYS) 2023 Junior Club Champs (GIRLS)
All-Time Club Records (MEN) All-Time Club Records (WOMEN)

All-time Top 10s By Age Category

Track and Field Track and Field
Road Road

Track Events (All-time Top 10) By Age Category

60m 60m
100m 100m
150m 150m
200m 200m
300m 300m
400m 400m
600m 600m
800m 800m
1,200m 1,200m
1,500m 1,500m
1 Mile 1 Mile
3,000m 3,000m
5,000m 5,000m
10,000m 10,000m
Sprint Hurdles Sprint Hurdles
400m Hurdles 400m Hurdles
2,000m Steeplechase 2,000m Steeplechase
3,000m Steeplechase 3,000m Steeplechase
4x100m Relay 4x100m Relay
4x400m Relay 4x400m Relay
1 Mile Walk 1 Mile Walk
3,000m Walk 3,000m Walk
5,000m Walk 5,000m Walk
10,000m Walk 10,000m Walk

Field Events (All-time Top 10) By Age Category

High Jump High Jump
Long Jump Long Jump
Triple Jump Triple Jump
Shot Putt Shot Putt
Javelin Javelin
Discus Discus
Hammer Hammer
Pole Vault Pole Vault
Multi Events Multi Events

Road Races (All-time Top 10) By Age Category

5km 5km
5 Miles 5 Miles
10km 10km
10 Miles 10 Miles
Half-Marathon Half-Marathon
20 Miles 20 Miles
Marathon Marathon
ParkRun ParkRun
3km Walk 3km Walk
5km Walk 5km Walk
10km Walk 10km Walk

League and Championship Results

Championship performances 2023 to 2024
Road and Cross Country 2023/2024
Roll of Honour


  1. Compiled using multiple sources of available data – event results/athletics annuals & publications/individual contributions & Gordon Ainsley archives.
  2. Top 10 ‘known’ individual performances by event and by age category – WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOK OUT FOR VERIFICATION OF MORE PERFORMANCES FROM CURRENT & PAST MEMBERS.
  3. Junior athletes are put into an age-category based on their age at the start of the season. Senior athletes have be put into an ‘age-category’ based on the age of athlete on the actual date of their performance.
  4. Athletes can be named more than once, if they have set performances in different age groups.
  5. Wind-assisted performances that are known have been included in recognition that many meetings do not register/include wind readings in their results.
  6. Where a wind assisted performance has been included, a non-wind assisted performance has also been shown, if known.

(w) = Known wind assisted performance
B’ham = Birmingham
B’ham Mun= Birmingham University (Munrow Track – closed in 2014)
B’ham Univ = Birmingham University (new track – opened in 2017)
AS = Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
FH = Fox Hollies Track, Birmingham
NIA = National Indoor Arena, Birmingham
WC = White City Stadium, London
CP = The Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium, London
(u) = Unconfirmed performance