National Road Relays – Men’s Manager Report

National Road Relays – Men’s Manager Report

Well done team, and well done all the Midland teams.

Good solid performances. Current course was introduced in 2015 and is slightly longer (3.16 miles Vs 2.995). I think there were pbs for Nathan, Karl, and Thanos. Dan missing his Midland pb by only  seconds, and Colin 5 seconds.

36th overall and 32nd A team.  7th in Midlands excluding Bristol, 4th in West Midlands.

Results at

On a pleasant but slightly chilly day, we once again were amongst the big boys, interested in seeing how competitive we may be and defending our Midland ranking. Blimey, some of them are fast !

Dependable Dan, who just keeps getting faster, was first pressure leg as ever and did not disappoint. Although very slightly slower than at the Midland, I was happy, but don’t tell him that. Second leg was always going to be tough for Nathan following Dan. We did drop places, but it was an excellent performance and quicker than the Midland.  In Karl’s first return run for BRAT he did what he promised and clawed three places back to put us in the mix. Martin Matthews has been plagued with niggles, but he is always there for the club and did a good job beating his Midland time. Mountain Man Johnny maintained his record of gaining a pb in every run for the club, nothing more to say. Colin was solid, within 5 secs of his Midland time. We were now in 41st and time for a fight back, which Mark suitably obliged gaining three places. Nick has been struggling with injury and form, but improved, just beating his midland time. Handing onto Steve Dunsby, who along with me was happy with the time, maintaining 39th. Cometh Greek warrior Thanos who had a brilliant run, and we were up to 36th. We were now dicing with Kent, Holmfirth and Milton Keynes for positions. Ben Carrington took on the last long leg where it is often won or lost. Although he was disappointed, we were still in 36th, gaining on Holmfirth and Milton Keynes, but being hunted down by Kent. Jon Jennings would not have been aware that this leg could end 34-38th. Great run as always by Jon matching his Midland time. Meanwhile around him, Holmfirth fell apart and dropped away, Milton Keynes were falling apart but managed to hang on, and Kent scraped past, beating us by just 11 seconds over a total of 4.3/4 hours. Jon kept us in 36thand 32nd A team.

Well done.

This bodes well for XC (after we have enjoyed the Summer !).

I think we could bounce straight back to where we belong, as long as we don’t repeat our usual trick of mucking up race one ! 

Numbers are important and make a good day, but we need the majority of faster boys at every race.

If you want to gain speed, get out on the track. It is a different experience not to be missed, and our T&F team needs you this season, which is imminent. Speak to Richard Carney or Gordon Ainsley.


National results.

36  Birmingham Running A&t              4:43:06

        Daniel Robinson  (30) 27:41

        Nathan Warren    (39) 17:33

        Karl Welborn     (36) 28:57

        Martin Matthews  (40) 17:56

        Johnny Cullen    (42) 30:02

        Colin Bailey     (41) 18:20                                                             

        Mark Ince        (38) 28:47

        Nick Lewis       (39) 18:06

        Steve Dunsby     (39) 30:16

        A Tsolakis       (36) 17:26

        Ben Carrington   (36) 30:16

        Jonathan Jennings (36) 17:46

1  Leeds City AC                  ‘A’  4:12:21

        Wondiye Indelbu  (8) 26:11

        J Woodcockshaw   (5) 15:52

        John Ashcroft    (11) 27:37

        Matthew Grieve   (5) 15:31

        Oliver Lockley   (5) 26:47

        Michael Salter   (6) 16:17

       Philip Sesemann  (3) 26:02

        Ossama Meslek    (1) 15:03

        Linton Taylor    (1) 26:30

        Emile Cairess    (1) 14:43

        Graham Rush      (1) 25:52

        Joe Townsend     (1) 15:56

2  Bristol & West AC              ‘A’  4:14:33

3  Aldershot Farnham & District        4:14:39

Midland results

7  Birmingham Running A&t         ‘A’  4:16:18

        Daniel Robinson  (8) 27:32

        Mark Ince        (8) 28:47

        James Marshall   (6) 28:30

        Johnny Cullen    (7) 30:04

        Ben Carrington   (7) 17:09

        Nick Lewis       (7) 18:02

        Simon Lanckham   (7) 17:30

        A Tsolakis       (7) 17:31

        Steve Dunsby     (7) 17:28

        Jonathan Jenning (7) 17:47

        Nathan Warren    (7) 17:43

        Colin Bailey     (7) 18:15

36  Birmingham Running A&t         ‘B’  4:51:04

        Martin Matthews  (36) 30:31

        Damian Cartland  (40) 33:15

        Huw Jones        (44) 34:57

        Brian Mcevoy     (42) 32:58

        Robert Dowse     (41) 19:24

        Chris Burrows    (38) 18:54

        Adam Western     (38) 19:39

        Nick Price       (38) 19:41

        Nick Seagrave    (38) 19:52

        Chris Grimley    (37) 19:23

        Paul Cannon      (35) 21:20

        Paul Falkiner    (36) 21:10

Birmingham Running A&t         ‘C’

        Dimitris Tsokoli (65) 36:19

        Andy Piddington  (58) 33:57

        Harry Fowler     (59) 38:19

        Rob Ryan         (59) 37:42

        Martin Ludford   (60) 21:52

        Robert Rose      (61) 22:53

        Kelvin Duncan    (61) 24:29

        David Sansom     (61) 25:40

        Sandeep Dhami    (61) 27:12

        Jort Vanmourik   (60) 21:16


Fastest of all long legs

1 AlexYee KentAc A 25:00 (7)

2 Dewi Griffiths SwanseaHar 25:06 (9)

3 Jake Smith CardiffAac 25:33 (3)

Fastest of all short legs

1 Emile Cairess LeedsCityA A 14:43 (10)

2 Daniel Jarvis LiverpoolH 14:54 (2)

3 Matthew Bergin Bedford&Co 14:57 (2)