Nigel’s Friday Challenge (4)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (4)

Who needs Joe Wicks when we have our own Nigel Clegg. Read on for this week’s S&C challenge. It’s Friday so it must be Crunchies.

I did mention last week to get practicing your crunches – well I hope you have been as this week it’s the non-stop 100 crunchie challenge.

For those of you who know how to do them – start as soon as you are ready.
If you’re unsure – take a look at Alex’s video. In the first exercise he is doing a series of sit ups. A crunchie is a simple variation. Lie on your back with your finger tips touching your eyebrows. Using your stomach muscles, raise your upper body – just a few inches (that’s the crunch part – a small movement is actually harder).

The only difference between the straight sit up as demonstrated on the video is that your feet need to be off the floor.  Raise the legs up to 90 degrees and then bend your knees out away from you.

You are basically replicating the body shape you would make if you were sitting on a chair except you are doing it on the floor.

The challenge is to do 100 non-stop crunches. You may rest for a short period of a few seconds but if you stop then you have to go back to the start and begin all over again!

Target time – 60 seconds (I did it in 58 seconds and I’m far too old to be an athlete!)

Good luck and don’t forget to let everyone know how you get on.
Till next week…