BRAT National 12 Stage Road Relays – Manager’s Report

BRAT National 12 Stage Road Relays – Manager’s Report

Our BRAT national team paid another visit to Sutton Park on what was a positively Spring like day, when compared to The Midland Champs Winter north of the wall.

Although slightly weaker, the demand was to beat individual midland times, and conditions were right for it.

This was an event dominated by the South East, particularly Kent !

We were 7th in the Midlands and 4th West Midlands, surprisingly just beaten by Worcester who are promoted to 1st division in XC, so one to look out for. Although how Coventry were allowed to be there after being disqualified at The Midlands is disappointing.

Dan as usual was our lead man. The first leg at The National is a challenge, where the last man in 60th completed in 33 minutes and was way off the back!

Dan was at the other end of the race, smashing his midland time by 31 seconds in 21st. This is a National pb for Dan, particularly creditable as  the new course is slower than the previous. The next two legs would be tough as we were in a falsely high position, and although Simon Lanckham expectedly beat his midland time by a massive 52 seconds we dropped to 30th.

Nathan had to endure a similar onslaught over a long leg and was suffering a bit, dropping the same number of places. We were now around teams of similar ability and Adam tried to stem the drop, slowing it down to 46th. Martin Matthews decided enough was enough, hauling us back to the right side of 40 and beating his midland time by 30 seconds. Ashley also ran quicker only losing one place, while Abayomi making his long leg debut, snatched the place back.

While teams around us were moving up and down, BRATS demonstrated consistency.

Rene continued the trend, having an afternoon off baby duty. Despite lacking some fitness his time was solid. Steve Dunsby was slightly slower than in the midlands, but good enough to take up to 37th. Tom was happy with his run but surprised he was slower than before. Thanos took on the last long leg only losing one place over the 5.4 miles, and finally Mark Ince grabbed 38th back, rightfully ours by consistency and possibly squatters rights !

Very well done and thanks to all the team and a small band of supporters.

Masters National results and report to follow.

Richard Gray.

38 Birmingham Running Athletics & 4:51:55. Long legs 5.38m; Short
legs 3.14m

Daniel Robinson (21) 27:18

Simon Lanckham (30) 17:22

Nathan Warren (40) 31:37

Adam Western (46) 19:25

Martin Matthews (38) 29:23

Ashley Fawke (39) 18:09

Abayomi Adedimeji (38) 31:03

Rene Vergo (38) 18:29

Steve Dunsby (37) 30:42

Tom Rye (38) 18:54

A Tsolakis (39) 31:45

Mark Ince (38) 17:48

1 Tonbridge AC ‘A’ 4:17:24

2. Highgate Harriers 4:18:56

3. Swansea Harriers 4:19:42

Fastest of all long legs: 1 AlexYee KentAc A 24:57; 2 Kristian Jones SwanseaHar 25:41; 3 Andrew Maud HighgateHa 26:08.

Fastest of all short legs: 1 Kieran Wood Cambridge& 15:06; 2 Ossama Meslek LeedsCityA 15:21; 3 Gus Cockle AldershotF 15:24