Midlands Autumn Road Relays – Time to Enter

Midlands Autumn Road Relays – Time to Enter

Men 6×5.85km, Women 4×4.35km

Hello BRAT mates, still hanging onto Summer, but need your attention for September.

We can enter as many teams as we want to pay for, and everyone is welcome regardless of standard. Teams are selected in anticipated order of speed, so any new runners concerned about being thrown on A team first leg can relax. The race attracts fast and slow, young and old, too thin and too fat, 800m to marathon runners. Give it a go and I bet you get a good time out of it.

I have to enter number of teams and squad names by 2 September, so please let me know well before that. Squad entry is actual places x 3, so just need a possible-probable-definite.

I will need from everyone: English Athletic completion number (you tick this box at BRAT club renewal), membership must be paid up to date (shows on EA database when I submit entry), and your DOB

If interested, please email the requested details to:
Men’s manager: Richard Gray – mensroad@bratclub.co.uk
Women’s manager: Eloise – ladiesroad@bratclub.co.uk

Any questions please ask.

Women start at 13:25
Men start at 13:15