Nigel’s Friday Challenge (2)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (2)

It’s Friday again so here’s this week’s challenge – all set to music!!

Select your favourite song/record (it must have at least two verses and a chorus, preferably three of each)
Look at the video of Alex – you need the 3rd and 4th exercises in his video routine.

The 3rd exercise shows him doing alternate squat thrusts, the 4th shows him doing ‘flutter kicks’

Start your music; whilst the verse is playing you have to do the alternate squat thrusts (look how Alex’s knees drive through and his back is as straight as he can get it)…

Keep going until the chorus kicks in – flip over onto your back and do the flutter kick exercise (straight legs, back flat on the floor with your shoulders ever so slightly raised off the floor). DO NOT bend your knees, your legs must be straight with your feet pulled back slightly towards you.

Once the next verse starts – flip over and back to squats and then back into kicks for the next chorus etc…
Don’t hang around getting yourself from one position into another – that’s called ‘cheating’!

Top tip – don’t select the ‘extended 9 minute’ version of your favourite song (ideally you want something which lasts about three minutes)

Make sure you have warmed up before you start and stand up and walk around when the music stops.

Good luck everyone 🙂

More next week, Nigel