Nigel’s Friday Challenge (3)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (3)

This week we have a special challenge from Nigel for Good Friday.

In order to make room for all those Easter eggs you’ll need a special challenge this Friday – and here it is…

The Good Friday 100 press up challenge!

No, it’s not a mis-print, your challenge is to do 100 press ups.

There are two options:

Option 1
Do two press ups then rest for five seconds, then do three press ups and rest for another five seconds. Keep going 4/5/6/7 resting for five seconds in between each set. When you get to 7 press ups you are allowed to rest for 10 seconds in between each rep.
8/9/10/11/12/13 – by the time you’ve completed 13 you will have done 90 press ups so you only have to do 10 more to complete 100!!!

Option 2 – (the header option)
You’ll need a back garden or safe place in the park to do this one.
Put a marker down by your feet and then pace out 15 to 20 strides and put down another marker.
You run between each marker (there and back counts as 1).

Do 1 run then do 10 press ups. Do 2 runs (there/back, there/back) and 10 more press ups. There’s no resting in between running and pressing – which makes it harder as there’s no time to recover! You simply add on an extra run in between each set of 10 press ups until you have completed 10 runs and a final 10 press ups which equals 100 press ups in total.

Make sure you warm up and stretch before you start – might help to hold the plank position first or a couple of press ups to loosen the arms.

The only press-ups which count are FULL press ups. Doing them on your knees does NOT count! If in doubt, watch the video of Alex exercising – see how straight his body is whilst he completes a press up.

You need to do 100 press ups for each Easter egg you are planning on eating – therefore if you know you will be receiving half a dozen eggs then that’s a lot of press ups you’ll need to do over the weekend!

Good luck and let everyone know how you get on.