Nigel’s Friday Challenge (6)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (6)

Alternate Squat Thrusts.

Have a look at the video of Alexander doing alternate squats – the third exercise in the sequence.

Three options this week;

Option 1 – the easy option.
Do 100, non-stop, squats. Stop, rest for one minute then do another 100 squats.

Option 2 – the hard option
You need to have a wooden floor in order to do this. Using two small towels, place your feet on the towels, then try doing the 100 squats. The towels will move smoothly across the wooden floor and will make it harder because it really is a non-stop motion.

Option 3 – the really hard option.
Do the same as option 2 with your feet on the towels but you only do 10 squats at a time. In between each set of ten you have to do 5 press ups!
In total you have to do 50 squats and 25 press ups.

If you haven’t got a wooden floor but would like to do this option, do 20 squats before you attempt 5 press ups. Total 100 squats, 25 press ups.

Whichever option you choose, do not stop! Once you start you have to complete the whole amount

Good luck – try getting someone to film it and post it to the WhatsApp group.

More next week…