Nigel’s Friday Challenge (7)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (7)

It may be a Bank Holiday but that’s not reason enough to stop….
So here’s the Bumper Bank Holiday edition from Nigel.

Bank Holiday Friday Challenge

In keeping with the military theme let’s do some Sergeant Jumps this Friday.

Stand sideways on to a wall.
Bend at the knees using your arm/hand nearest the wall to reach down to the lower part of your shin/top of the ankle. Do NOT allow your back to bow, keep it straight and keep your head looking forward, not down!

Tap the shin/ankle then jump up from the squat position you find yourself in and try to reach as high up the wall as you can.

Keep that up/down motion going – down to the shin/ankle, spring upwards and touch the wall.

Do 10 on one side, turn and do 10 on the other.

Rest 30 seconds then do 15 one side, 15 the other.

Finally, rest another 30 seconds and do 20/20.

If you use your legs to do the power up part and keep your back straight you really will work the quads.

Have a good break everyone, more next week.