Nigel’s Friday Challenge (8)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (8)

So another week flies by and it’s time for another Friday workout

Stand to Attention Friday
This Friday you are required to stand to attention – perfectly upright, shoulders back, head up…
Bend your knees and lower yourself to the floor using your hands to ‘walk’ across the floor until you reach a press up position – do one press up.
Walk your hands back and start to stand straight again, standing to attention when you get to the top.

Repeat nine more times (10 walk press ups in total).

There’s more:

Next, lie face down on the ground. Place your finger tips to your eyebrows and slowly raise the top half of your body several inches off the ground so you can feel the stretch in your lower back – DO NOT let your hips, legs or toes leave the ground, they must remain in contact with the floor at all times.
Stay in the raised position for five seconds the lower down for five more – repeat ten times in total.
When you’ve done that stand up and repeat the walk press up routine five times and then lie down and complete the lower back raise five times.
Simple, straightforward, good for legs, arms, core and lower back strength – something which is easily overlooked yet vital!

Good luck everyone – hopefully we will be back soon.