Nigel’s Friday Challenge (10)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (10)

We have reached the big 10 and the Friday challenge steps up – well actually it runs up this week

The Friday hill challenge

Something a little different this Friday – you’re going outside either on the pavement or a grassy area.

Find an area which has an incline. I’ll leave it up to you how steep an incline but obviously the steeper the harder! You need approximately 40/50 metres – make sure you’ve warmed up and stretched before you start.

Run as fast as you can up your hill, walk back down for recovery. Repeat ten times. If you want to make it harder, when you get to the top do ten full star jumps (see Alexander’s video to see how he jumps with both arms and legs out wide).

Please keep up the other exercises/challenges on a regular basis as we will be back training one day soon!

Good luck!