Nigel’s Friday Challenge (9)

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (9)

More form Nigel in the series of Friday Challenges. What would we do without them !

The Big One!

Remind yourself of the video of Alexander’s routine – this week you need to do ALL 10 of his exercises.

Here’s the routine:

1) Sit ups – 20 to do (you can just do the straight version, as opposed to twisting from side to side)
2) Stand squats – 20 to do (you can hold a small weight if you’ve got one)
3) Alternate squats – 20 on each leg
4) Flutter kicks – 50 to do in total
5) Press ups – 20 to do (not on your knees!)
6) Full Star jumps – 10 to do
7) Lower back raises – 10 to do
8) Burpees – 10 to do
9) Calf raises – 30 to do
10) Side raises – hold position for 30 seconds on each side

As you are all getting so fit by now you should be able to repeat the routine at least twice – have a go!!!

More next week.