Seniors Midland Road Relay’s

Seniors Midland Road Relay’s

There was a large BRAT contingent at the Midland Road Relays this year as we pushed to get a team to the Nationals. Our womens teams did excellently with the A team finishing 8th overall.

8  BRAT  'A'  1:05:50
Molly Browne    15:37
31 BRAT  'B'  1:13:44
65 BRAT  'C'  1:22:27

We put out a massive 8 full mens teams with our A team finishing 5th overal and the B team coming in 14.

5  BRAT  'A'  1:51:44
Karl Welborn    18:12
14  BRAT  'B'  1:58:42
33  BRAT  'C'  2:04:28
36  BRAT  'D'  2:06:44
49  BRAT  'E'  2:14:09
59  BRAT  'F'  2:19:56
86  BRAT  'G'  2:35:32

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