Telford Games, Saturday 11th September

Telford Games, Saturday 11th September

With just 3 weekends left until the end of the season, 14 BRATs travelled to Telford for their Medal Open on 11th September.  The weather held out, and the BRATs came away with an impressive 12 medals from the field events and 5 from the track.

Newcomer U17 Kori Rose ran a PB in the 100m of 12.12 to take Bronze, and U13 Anthony Golding also won bronze in his age group for that event and a bronze and PB in the 200m.  U15 Isabelle Carruthers and U13 T’yana Josephs both made it through the heats to the 100m finals.

U13 Josh Taylor ran a PB in the 800m of 2.52.8 to secure bronze, and the final bronze from the track was for U13 T’yana Josephs  in the 200m with a PB time of 30.57.  U11 sisters Erin and Josephine Colclough both made it through the heats to the final of the 150m.

U13 Evie Rendell jumped a PB in the high jump of 1.35 to win gold and U15 Diaz McKenzie won bronze in her age group. U15 Isabelle Carruthers won silver in the shot with a throw of 7.27m. 

U15 Ruby Smith scooped 2 medals, with gold in the discus with a throw of 19.21 (just 20cm off of her PB) and silver in the javelin.  Sister U17 Lillian Smith was 2nd in her age group javelin with a throw of 26.08m

U13 Dylan Gargett came away with 3 medals with golds and PBs in both discus (14.81) and javelin (19.07) and silver in the long jump.  U13 Antony Golding won gold in the long jump so a double podium for BRAT.

Another double podium was in the U11 girls howler, with Josephine Colclough coming 1st with a throw of 19.98 and Erin 3rd with 15.78

Well done all

*These are the results from the Telford website and not the official ones from Power of 10.  As such, apologies for any anomalies, but please let us know and we can change this article*.

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