Another amazing BRAT junior XC performance!

Another amazing BRAT junior XC performance!

Before I go into how well you all did (yes, you did well!), I want to mention about how you, and we as a team can be even better. This isn’t to take anything away from anyone’s performance, but rather, it’s a sign of how far the team has come. We are challenging the best teams, there’s no reason why we can’t break into the top 3 at the next event.

You have 6 weeks until the next league race in Walsall (16th January). 6 weeks is a decent amount of time to put in some consistent training, and maybe add in a few additional races too. With regards to training, you know the drill. Keep consistent and work hard. It will pay off. Talk to the coaches if you want a specific training strategy. All of the coaches bring a wealth of experience and have all run cross-country, we know what it’s like!

I’ve mentioned races in italics above, because parkrun and junior park “are not a race”, or so we are told!! For the older ones, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the many parkruns in the area. For the U13s and U11s, take a look at junior parkrun. It’s a 2km run on a Sunday morning at 9am. 2km is pretty similar to the distance you are running in the XC, it’s good practice on how to pace yourselves and get some additional race experience. There is Cannon Hill Junior Parkrun, Brueton Park (Solihull) Junior Parkrun and Smethwick Junior Parkrun. If you do decide to have a go, make sure you wear your BRAT t-shirt or vest to represent the club.

Back on to yesterday. We finished 4th, which is our highest ever place in the history of the club. Every single one of you played a role in this. What’s more, we weren’t at all far off 3rd place, that’s for next time! I had the pleasure of witnessing a number of standout performances as I was racking up my 16000 steps of supporting (harder than doing the XC? Probably not!). I’d like to mention each and every memorable moment, but that would simply take too long. Really pleased to see Josh powering up that hill, Telisha powering down the hill and Antonio putting in random sprints whenever he heard his name being called. A great team performance all, onwards and upwards.

BRAT Results as follows:

U11 Boys

U11 Girls

U13 Boys – Also note Harrison Rigg in 41st

U13 Girls

U15 Boys

U15 Girls

U17 Men

U17 Women

Overall Positions

Full results can be found here:

Full sets of images can be found here.

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