A final fling for the BRAT Junior XC athletes

A final fling for the BRAT Junior XC athletes

This is just a brief summary e-mail to round off all the outstanding junior performances in this season’s cross-country league. As a club, it looks like we have taken a massive step in the right direction, with an overall finishing position, after all fixtures, of 5th place. This is a huge improvement on where we were when the league last ran 2 years ago where we finished 12th. The season before that we were 14th. Looking at the overall results, there is a clear distinction between the larger, well-established clubs and some of the smaller local clubs. I think we have successfully bridged that gap this season and have infiltrated the higher ranks, beating teams such as Birchfield and Tipton.

As has been said throughout the series, everyone that took part in the cross-country events this winter has played a role. Every point counts, every position counts. Congratulations to you all, be sure to know that you are the ones that has created this great team achievement.

In addition to this overall team performance, we also have a few teams that finished in the top 3 overall.

  • The U11 boys finished 3rd overall.
    • James Longworth took the individual 3rd place.
  • The U11 girls finished 3rd overall.
  • The U13 boys finished 2nd overall.
  • The U17 men finished 2nd overall.

Here are the overall results at the end of the series:

The full results can be found here.

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