A Return to the Birmingham Sportshall League

A Return to the Birmingham Sportshall League

It’s been 3 years since we had a Sportshall League, the last competition was February 2020! With that in mind, it was great to get back to what I casually refer to as “organised chaos” (it over ran the time slot by an hour, so i’m going to go with simply “chaos” for this weekend’s event!)

Anyway, it’s a fantastic opportunity for our juniors, particularly the younger juniors, to get some competition experience over what is often a long cold winter. Many of the athletes have never competed for the club before, so it’s great to see them getting involved.

I have a number of coaches to thank for picking the BRAT team, but the general principle we went with was enjoyment and inclusivity. What was particularly pleasing as a team manager was successfully collecting all the numbers in at the end of the event. Just kidding (although I still think it was a job well done!). The real highlight was seeing all our juniors smiling and having a fantastic time with their friends and teammates. Additionally, seeing how fast the u15s can move was inspiring for some of the younger team members. I also have had some positive feedback from the organisers about how well behaved our juniors were on the day.

We had a number of wins on the day, but as far as I am concerned, the real ‘win’ is seeing the junior athletes enjoy themselves and try their bests (how’s that for a cliché! 😉).

If those were the highlights, the lowlights were very much a result of sitting on those hard seats for in excess of 3 hours! Ouch!

Finally, thanks to everyone that was involved in team managing, officiating, supporting and of course, taking park. Well done & good job.

The remaining 2 fixtures are Sunday 26th February & Sunday 5th March. I’ll be in touch nearer the time for availability.

Full results can be found here.

A summary of the team results is below:

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