County Champs 2024

County Champs 2024

There was fierce competition last weekend at the Athletics County Championships (both Warwickshire and Worcestershire). The competition for the most sunburnt spectator was marginally less intense than the competition for the most vociferous! Yes, we were blessed with an uncharacteristically hot weekend which was tempered slightly by a cool swirling breeze. I’m not sure if it was just me, but it did seem as though there was a headwind on both the home straight and the back straight, but we really shouldn’t complain given how unseasonably warm it was!

As junior team manager, I take great pleasure in seeing our athletes apply what they have learnt in training to competition. I know that all the coaches share this view. Training and competition are different. You can not replicate the adrenaline rush you feel in a race when someone creeps on to your shoulder or the euphoria you feel when you jump higher or further than you ever have before. When you cross the line in a race and know that you have put everything you have into the race you have just completed. These are the feelings that we chase as athletes and this is what helps us develop our overall life skills.  

Over the 2 days competition, I witnessed grit, determination, elation and disbelief. If I were to go into individual accounts of everything I remember, this would go on for pages and pages. Suffice to say, if you were one of those athletes that felt as though things weren’t quite going your way and you battled through to the end, then kudos to you. The amount of times I heard “I got a PB!” over the weekend was remarkable. Athletes went faster, threw farther, jumped higher than they ever have done before. 

To add to the athletics performances, this was our best turn-out as a club at the county championships in terms of number of athletes taking part. Whilst athletics can feel like an individual sport, when we have so many of our athletes out there, we truly do feel like a team. One of the best things I saw over the weekend was the way that the more experienced athletes helped the newer athletes get prepped for their events and gave them advice and support. There was a genuine desire to help each other out, it was great to see. I also overheard some of the inane conversations going on between the u13 boys, truly remarkable the amount of rubbish they can say between themselves!!!

As above, I can’t mention all individual performances, it would take me too long to go through each and every medal, PB and standout performance. I will mention the 3 club records that were broken though:

1: Araya Williams – u13g 100m – 13.05

2: George Wrigley – u11b 600m – 1:56.18

3: Nya Williams – u11g 600m – 1:54.22

Whilst I can’t mention individuals, I can shamelessly paste in from Gordon’s spreadsheet, a handy summary! The following is all Gordon’s hard work, i’m eternally grateful. Well done everyone, keep getting out there and let’s make it a season to remember!

The following courtesy of Gordon Ainsley:

At the Warwickshire we had  7 gold, 8 silver , 13 bronze, 12 4ths, 16 5ths and 9 6ths

At the Worcestershire we had 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze

Warwickshire ChampionshipsNuneatonMay 11/12th
Jack PriceU17M800m1st2m 07.02s (pb)
Bonheur TshibolaU20W100mH1st15.36s (pb)
Hiba BaileyU13GDT1st13.91m(pb)
Joshua TaylorU15B3000m1st10m 18.74s (pb)
Elliot JonesU13BLJ1st4.65m
Araya WilliamsU13G100m1st13.05s (club rec)
Jai LewisU15BDT1st33.57m (pb)
Will TinsleyU13B75mH2nd14.58s (pb)
Matthew MorrisU17MPV2nd3.00m
Josephine ColcloughU13GHJ2nd1.30m
Niamh O’CarrollU15GDT2nd17.76m
Chris StockdaleM403000m2nd9m 55.82s
Orla WoodmanU13G1500m2nd5m 31.44s (pb)
Tywana KuluzizaU20W100m2nd12.79s
Palia Elsie KalalaU13GSP2nd6.83m
Erin ColcloughU13G70m H3rd13.01s (12.87s ht pb)
Robert LeeU17M100mH3rd14.64s (pb)
Jaya BathgateU13GHJ3rd1.25m
Nathaniel WalkerU20M100m3rd11.56s
Dominic MoynahanU15B300m3rd42.41s ( 41.30s ht (pb)
Erin ColcloughU13G200m3rd30.21s (pb)
Tyana KuluzizaU20W200m3rd26.35s
Amira EmeryU15G1500m3rd5m 11.86s (pb)
Elliot JonesU13B200m3rd29.60s (pb)
Josephine ColcloughU13gSP3rd5.98m
Jack PriceU17M1500m3rd4m 16.63s
Dominic MoynahanU15BHJ3rd1.58m
Lily SmithU20WLJ3rd4.92m
Gabrielle BlakeU15GSP3rd6.80m
Erin McDaidU15G75mH4th13.30s (12,79s pb)
Evie RendellU17G80mH4th13.08s (pb)
Aedyn GastonU15B100m4th12.42s
Muayyad MohammedU15BLJ4th4.85m
Dominic MoynahanU15BJT4th30.53m
Nancy Foster JonesU17W100m4th12.65s (12.64s ht)
Leo RiceU13B200m4th30.08s (pb)
Aedyn GastonU15B200m4th25.04s
Nathaniel WalkerU20M200m4th23.28s
Zelia DussolU15G300m4th45.67s
Shadonnae NwanaforoU20W400m4th63.15s (61.36s ht|)
Louisa BandoU20WLJ4th4.70m
Josephine ColcloughU13G70mH5th13.31s (13.17s ht pb)
Elliot JonesU13B75mH5th15.04s (pb)
Elliot JonesU13B100mH5th14.38s (pb)
Leanna RendellU15GDT5th15.25m (pb)
Noor BaileyU15GHJ5th1.35m
Charlie KeenanU13BJT5th22.42m(pb)
Oliver KnightU15B3000m5th10m 46.26s
Mustopha BaileyU15BJT5th21.05m
Sam NobleU13BLJ5th3,63m
Amira Emeryu15g800M5th2m 39.00s
Ronnie PageU13B200m5th30.63s (pb)
Martha WestU13GSP5th4.52m
Nianh O’CarrollU15GLJ5th4.20m
Daniel TylerU13B1500m5th5m 13.50s
Niklas Van MourikU17M1500m5th4m 22.86s
Eben AshtonU15BHJ5th1.45m
Noor BaileyU15G75mH6th14.02s (13.46s ht pb)
Kenyah reddinU17W200m6th26.27s
Tyler WardU15BLJ6th4.33m
Leo RiceU13BLJ6th3.57m
Kenyah ReddinU17W100m6th12.79s
Louisa BandoU20W100m6th13.75s
Nya WilliamsU11GQuadrathlon6th170pts (600m 1m 54.22s club rec)
Hiba BaileyU13GSP6th4.24m
Ben EdenU15B1500m6th5m 11.79s
Worcestershire ChampionshipsStourportMay 11th
Jacob GosnallU20 M400m1st50.55s (pb)
Karl WelbornM403000m1st9m 24.03s
Seb HortonU15BHJ1st1.43m (pb)
Dylan TeasdaleU20M3000m2nd9m 40.87s
Seb HortonU15B800m3rd2m 28.60s
Max BoneU15B1500m3rd5m 17.69s

Link to 2024 rankings here.

Link to 2024 club championships here.

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