Meet the runners: Sophie Ward

Meet the runners: Sophie Ward

The marathon is edging ever closer. We hope you are getting your training in and are healthy and well. So far, you’ve met Kevin and Nathan. But there are a few other runners from the club tackling the marathon this spring. Today you’ll meet Sophie Ward.

Sophie WardTell us about yourself:

I’m Sophie Ward, 25 years old. I live with my fiancé Matt and my dog Yogi :). I’m a physiotherapist.

What is your sporting back ground?
I’ve tried lots of different sports including; ballet, tap, horse-riding, swimming and triathlon. Finally settling on running.

What is your goal for the VLM/ other spring marathon?
Its my first marathon, so just getting over the finish line would be a massive achievement! However, I’d love to finish sub 3hrs.

What does your weekly training look like?
Sunday – Long Run
Monday – Brat Run (8mile recovery run)
Tuesday – Rest/Pilates
Wednesday – Brat Interval Session
Thursday – 8mile Recovery Run
Friday – Effort session
Saturday – 5mile Recovery Run

Preferred running time and why?
Ideally mornings, as I like to get my run done. However, I only run in the morning once a week because of work and fitting in the 2 hour dog walks!

Any quirky habits when running?
Not really.

Best part of running / worst part of running?
I love catching up with friends and working towards goals (getting PBs).
The worst part is getting injured.

What do you think about when you are running?
Currently on my Sunday long run I’m thinking about how much further I’m going to have to run at London Marathon!! But I’m usually just talking to friends.

Pre-race meal / post-race treat?
Pre-race = Pasta (night before) or Peanut butter and banana on cinnamon and raisin bagel (Yummy!!)
Post-race = Anything I fancy!

Why are you doing this?
For the challenge!

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