HUUB Triathlon Relay Championships

HUUB Triathlon Relay Championships

National Watersports Centre Nottingham 
27th August 2022

BRAT Club covers a large scope of sports, the HUUB Triathlon Relay Championships is the major event for our Triathlon arm.

This is a national event where all triathlon clubs congregate at the National Watersports Centre Nottingham for a Festival of Triathlon Racing. The event is Organised Chaos and lots of fun.

Format is: teams of four, each member does a 500m open water swim followed by a 15k bike and finishes with a 5k run.

BRAT club entered five teams by the names of Freestyle, Elevation, Slipstream, Tempo and Zone 4. All participants were asked for their predicted times and were put into a team of similar abilities. This event is special as it brings together all levels of triathletes from the club, amongst our team members were Elite, Novice, Senior, Youth and Club Coaches.

Thank you to all 20 athletes (and supporters) who had a very early start to be in Nottingham for 7:30, all team captains registered the teams without any problems. Let racing commence!

First team home for BRAT were Zone 4, in a time of 3:17:43, with a very impressive overall position of 12/187 and category position (none BTF Open) 8/152.

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Congratulations to Zone 4 who were: Will Raiment, Abigail Saker, Colin Bailey and Jack Shayler.

Team Zone 4

Second team back was Tempo, in a time of 3:52:43, overall 59/187 and category 40/152.

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Well done to Team Tempo who were: Andrew Saker, Claire Keene, Damo Keene and Nathan Smith

Team Tempo

Third Team home was Elevation, in a time of 3:59:19, overall 79/187 and category 57/152.

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Well done to Elevation who were: Chris Davy, Rob Slater, Jemima Jackson and John McKeon.

Team Elevation

Fourth Team back were Slipstream: in a time of 4:27:27, overall 142/187 and category 109/152.

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Well done to Slipstream who were: Nigel Dawes, Louise Dawes, Sophie Gadsby and Paul Falkiner.

Team Slipstream

Fifth team pack was Freestyle, in a time of 4:39:18, overall 168/187 and category 134/152.

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Well done to Freestyle who were: Nigel Taylor, Captain Sandeep Dhami, Sabrina Iqbal and David Sansom.

Team Freestyle

All teams competed hard and we had a blast in the process. 

Zone 4 were by far our fastest team with some very impressive performances, Jack Shayler’s 16:38 final run leg had the BRAT team cheering as he glided past the team tent. 

There was a good tear up between Tempo and Elevation who were neck and neck up to the run. Elevation had a very strong swim leg, both teams were equal in the bike but the leg power of Tempo opened up a seven minute gap during the run. Well done to Jemima Jackson who made her relays debut and put in a very impressive performance. 

There were some very solid performances in team Slipstream and Freestyle, both teams contained athletes making their relays debut. Well done Sophie Gadsby, Sabrina Iqbal and Nigel Taylor. 

Full results can be found the on Tri Society Website

Like the sound of this event?

We will be back next year, we enter our teams under open none BTF so we can order the teams how we feel fit. You can also enter Mens, Womens, Vets teams, i would be happy to arrange this if there was interest. Please contact Nathan Smith or Chris Davy.

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