A great start to the XC season for BRAT juniors!

A great start to the XC season for BRAT juniors!

Taking a step back from standout individual and team performances, it’s worth mentioning how the scoring works for the cross-country league. Each race has 5 scoring athletes apart from the u17 categories that have 3 scoring athletes. Typically, each athlete will obtain between 100-200 points depending on their finishing position. If we don’t field a full team of scorers in each race, we will lose at least 100 points (but typically more- 1st 200pts 50th 151pts) per athlete missing, because our team is not complete. So, what was particularly pleasing yesterday, was that we fielded a FULL TEAM in each and every age category, for perhaps the first time ever. Yes, that means that all of you that turned up yesterday played a part in what was a very good start to the cross-country season.

My memories of doing cross-country as a junior were those cold and rainy days when everyone was shivering on the start line. Not so for this race! It was glorious sunshine and upon arrival, there was a real buzz of excitement around the BRAT tent. As the day went on, this buzz was carried through all areas of the course. Smiling siblings and terrific teammates cheering on and running alongside their fellow BRAT athletes was a great sight. I heard stories of u11 girls that fell over during the race only to get back up and carry on and others of our athletes stopping to help other athletes that had fallen and hurt themselves during the race. I saw lots of runners that are new to cross-country and not knowing quite how to pace the race. Some went off in an insane sprint and subsequently paid the price whereas others started a bit tentatively only to realise they had lots of energy left at the end for a mad dash to the line. This is a learning curve, pacing perfection comes with practice.

In terms of the overall team results, we finished 4th overall. The u13 boys are currently in a medal position in 3rd overall, the u17 men in 4th overall and a few other age groups are in 5th. Genuine medal opportunities! If I was to pick out individual performances for a mention, I’d be here all day. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to catch up with you at training soon! We have a chance of winning team medals in several categories. Medals are awarded to the top 3 teams at the end of the season in each race, so if you’re in or near the top 3, push on for those medals!

The full results can be found here.

Photos from the day can be found here.

We have a Strava group for our endurance section, join here.

Endurance sessions that focus on XC running are Tuesday & Thursday evenings @ 18:30 – 19:30.

Next Race: 13th November – Put it in your diaries!

Overall results

BRAT Results as follows:

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