BRAT Success at the Midlands Road Relays

BRAT Success at the Midlands Road Relays

A fantastic performance from the BRAT running team in the Midland Road Relays resulted in their best ever result, finishing 2nd only a couple of minutes behind Birchfield Harriers. The BRAT B Team finished 15th overall, the top finishing B team at the Champs which demonstrates the strength and depth we have at the club. Both teams have qualified for Nationals in a couple of weeks time.
BRAT women put out 3 teams for the first time in years and while they won’t be at the Nationals they continue to improve and it won’t be long before they are competing there too.

For anyone interested, you can see the full results here.

You can find some pictures for the day at this link

Thanks so much guys, everyone ran really hard and lots of people helped with and coped with changes at the last minute. We’ve got an amazing foundation to build on and I’m very conscious that Richard Gray, Martin Ludford and Mr Carney have put in years of work to get us to this point.

Nick Price and Steve are working wonders bringing on the juniors and the club is in such a great place from top to bottom. We are trying to be at the front whilst trying to have the biggest participation. Epitomised by pictures with medals being interrupted by Sandeep’s incredible sprint finish. Moment of the day for me.

Dan Robinson, Mens Team Captain

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