Sportshall Athletics – Birmingham League Final Standings

Sportshall Athletics – Birmingham League Final Standings

Right, i’m not doing a super long write-up this time. Just to say, i’m fairly sure that we were the loudest team at Sportshall over the three events. My voice is somewhat coming back, but certainly a level of croakiness that reflects how kermitted I was to shouting our athletes on. Because I love writing about me (who better?!), I was impressed that I knew all our athletes’ names. Fellow junior athletes, alas, your generic “come on BRAT” shouts languish behind my name specific shouts! I’m only mentioning this latter point as we had 72 athletes in total across the 3 events, so perhaps it is forgivable that not everyone knows absolutely everyone in the team!

So, how did we do?

U11 boys – 3rd

U13 boys – 2nd

U11 girls – 2nd

U13 girls – 3rd

U15 boys – 3rd

U15 girls – 4th

The full results can be found here, but looking at it, it’s a performance that I believe we can be proud of. We only joined the Sportshall league a couple of seasons ago (after a long absence), so it’s great to see us competitive with the other clubs in the region. Good job team!

Photos can be found here.

What was great to see if that we had a mix of experienced athletes and those that have only been members of the club for a few weeks. Regardless of that, it was great to see the u13 boys chatting rubbish all afternoon and the u11 girls running around together in the kind of ‘organised chaos’ that Sportshall Athletics embodies.

Enough from me, here are some comments from our juniors themselves:

  • I really enjoyed participating in lots of different events and cheering on all the other BRATS. I can’t wait for next week’s competition – let’s go (Charlie – u11)
  • It was very fun and competitive 👍 l enjoyed the 4 by 1 the most. Well done everyone 🥰. (Mar – u11)
  • I had a great time chatting with my friends and I improved my vertical jump. (Noor – u13)
  • I had a great day with my friends and I loved the short races! (Hiba – u11)
  • Even if  you  are nervous  you  need  to go ahead  and try  your  best. 🏅💎I really  had a good time even if we did not win😅🏆🥇🥈🥉 (Joanna u11)
  • I enjoyed all the running races as I won my individual races and helped get the team 2nd in the relays. Great feel good team energy from everyone involved and a great day out. (Jack – u15)
  • It was fun! It was competitive but really friendly too and I made friends with others, especially in the triple jump. My favourite was the 2×2 because it was a very close race but we just won!  (Elliot – u11)
  • I enjoyed sportshall because everyone was supporting each other. We all got to have fun and cheer each other along. (Amber – u11)
  • It was excellent. One of my favourite events. I enjoyed the races and would love to have more. And the fact of it being inside joys me even more as I won’t have to face cold weather! (Muslih & Muayyad – u13)
  • Lovely day and good to make friends from our club and others (Jack – u15)

Well done all, Sportshall Athletics returns for most of you in October 2023! Some of our athletes will be selected for the regional final, for them, no rest as it is in 2 weeks. More details to follow!

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