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The Ride Tribe are running a Sportive on the 5th September riding around the Cotswolds.For anyone who wishes to enter there is a discount club code: RIDETRIBEDISC. Make sure you are a member of the BRAT club when you sign up.The discount code is valid until 30th June.

Back at the tail end of 2018, 20 hardcore BRATs (are there any other kind?) formed a team for a spin-off competition at the University of Birmingham, against several of their sports clubs, community members, and staff. The competition involved half an hour max effort on a spinning bike for each participant in the team. All the calories scores recorded by team members on the bikes were added together, and the team with the most calories burned, won. BRATs were triumphant and received a donation to club funds, which the team decided they would like to present to a charity instead (because we are a very nice club, as well as a hardcore one). The team were so delirious from their efforts that of course they chucked in a few extra pounds as well. The donation was duly made to St Mary’s Hospice, a fantastic local charity, and they sent…

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